Robert Oliver is an author of works of general fiction. With his writings, he seeks to address issues in contemporary culture that need attention, with the hope that his novels will help to open a discussion that will bring about change. Robert’s writing style is influenced by the works of Edgar A. Poe, Leo Tolstoy, with some hints of Alexander Dumas thrown in for good measure. Writing under the pseudonym of Robert Perry, Robert explored the dark side of humanity with psychological horror novellas and short stories, the Poe influence certainly emerging. He loved the scary stories but is now seeking greater change with his works. Writing has always been a passion for Robert, and he is now very excited to share his stories with the world.

Aside from writing, Robert loves to cook Italian, Middle Eastern, and new American cuisine. He loves the outdoors, and enjoys hiking and backpacking. Beautiful days will find Robert wandering around in the open expanses. A foodie and wine/sherry enthusiast, Robert loves to visit wineries, fine restaurants and out of the way local dives. He loves a wine tasting as much as a beer flight. His absolute favorite is a family meal he prepares in his century-old historic home.

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Twitter: @RobertOliver9




2 Responses to About

  1. franklparker says:

    Hi Robert. I have tried to read your book. I looked at the first chapter, the last, and one in the middle. I don’t believe in publishing damning reviews so I will only say that I found it very disappointing. This blog post probably says best why: http://annerallen.com/2014/09/10-things-that-red-flag-newbie-novelis.html. You don’t have contact details here so I can’t pm you. You can, however, delete this comment before it is seen by too many people. Indeed, you don’t even have to approve it, in which case no-one but you will see it. You may respond to me, if you wish by e-mailing frankfredparker@eircom.net


    • Good evening, Mr. Parker. Thanks for taking the time to purchase and review my novel, Autumn Leaves. Your response is not what I desired, but I do value your thoughts, and would like to open a discussion concerning them, if you feel so inclined. There is always a learning curve in these endeavors, and I am ever seeking to enhance my writing style and ability, and so would certainly like to hear your criticisms of my novel. I do appreciate the blog you sent. I found it most valuable. I am new to the style you found in Autumn Leaves. All my previous works were 1st person works of psychological horror. I desired change and something new, and thought I may or may not be successful, I am glad I wrote it. I have approved this comment, because I believe this is part of the entire self-publishing process, and I value transparency with my fan base. I look forward to hearing from you. You are welcome to write me at robertoliver1982@yahoo.com. I tried the email you listed and it would not go through, for whatever reason. Kindest Regards. Robert


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