Changing My Voice

Hey Everyone. I hope it’s  been another great week for you all. It’s been a good one here. I have only one full week left with my seniors, then they head off to begin their lives. It will be a good week, busy, but good. I thought I’d share a little about my latest work and how I have completely changed my ‘voice’ for this endeavor.

If you remember my previous stories, you will remember that I often write in a classical and somewhat antiquated voice, especially in my most dated works. For Autumn Leaves, I updated my voice for a more contemporary feel. Through it all, however, I embraced years of learning to craft for each character a feeling of unequaled supremacy, juxtaposed to their downtrodden lives among the derelicts of the world. For any good example, see my earliest works, all short narratives in the 1st person. For this novel, I am doing two things that are different: I’m returning to the 1st person and I’m dropping the educational mentality.

First, I am returning to an old playground I enjoyed so much in the infancy of my writing career. I loved the use of the 1st person narrative. I dove deep into the individual psyche of the character, existentially staying in their minds for longer than normal periods. I found with the 1st that it allowed for so much needful reflection, especially in the case of growth, and so I am reuniting my pen with that old style. This latest work is told from the viewpoint of the main character, and his alone.

Second, I am forsaking the elitist mentality and going for a less-than sophisticated feel. My character is a man of no great mental depth or development, and his life is reflected by his poor approach to grammar and syntax. But his story, what i have written so far, resonates with a power that is earthy and real, unmatched by any of my previous characters. He records as he speaks, and his pen writes whatever comes to mind. His is not a sing-song oration, but rather a natural thought process on the journey he has taken, and the remembrances of his past that shape his present.

So, as you can see, I have made two major changes in my style, and I am excited for both. Hopefully I will begin on my work soon, when school is out for the summer holiday. Until then, thanks for walking along on this journey, and as always, thanks for reading.


About Robert Oliver

I am a writer living and working in Florida.
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